JAYRAJ SOLAR functions as a one-stop solar shop and we offer our OPEX financing solutions for commercial and industrial entities so that our potential customers can enjoy the benefits of solar without having to bear any additional costs. With ZERO UPFRONT INVESTMENT customers can install Solar PV systems at their business premises by signing a Private Power Purchase Agreement (PPA’s) with investors arranged by JAYRAJ SOLAR. After this, customers can enjoy constant solar power supply and pay for units consumed (pay per use) without being worried about plant maintenance or warranty. This will be taken care by JAYRAJ SOLAR completely.

JAYRAJ SOLAR has a researched in this area for years and we understand that solar financing can be complicated and time consuming, so we have partnered with well established financial investors that provide customized solar financing programs to meet your financial needs and expectations. JAYRAJ SOLAR’s PPA gives the advantage to lock-in current energy rates from 15 to 25 years, in order to give our customer clarity about the future energy costs. The unit prices are fixed at the inception of the PPA tenure and these are lower than the prevailing market prices for conventional power.

Get benefited with our zero investment policy. Partner with JAYRAJ SOLAR’s OPEX solutions and enjoy these benefits:

  • ZERO Upfront Investment
  • ZERO Operational and maintenance cost
  • Pay only for units consumed


We are here to help you make the process as easy as possible. Contact us today to get more in-depth idea about the financing options are available for your organization. We will help you further by sending an Energy Expert to your premise so as to assess your energy needs and give you with more information on how JAYRAJ SOLAR can leverage your business with the right OPEX solutions.

At JAYRAJ SOLAR, we have financing options that are well suited to meet your business budget and needs. We assure to recommend the best solution that provides the most competitive outcome compared to current power costs.

At JAYRAJ SOLAR, we financing options based that works best for your business budget and needs; one that provides the most competitive outcome compared to current power costs

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