Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

Excellance and innovation built into every design

An engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract is the most common form of contract used to commence construction works by the private sector on large-scale and complex infrastructure projects. Ultimately an EPC contract takes an initial solar project idea and turns this into a reality; effective communication and strong capabilities are vital characteristics for an EPC contractor in order to carry out the project successfully.

ENGINEERING – Our engineers are the brains behind the planning, design and implementation of all our solar projects. The engineer typically will first carry out a site assessment, and client consultation to understand if the site itself meets the requirements to successfully utilize a solar installation before continuing into the design and implementation stages. They will then agree the most effective module configuration to achieve the greatest kWh/kWp before designing the site, electrical SLD’s, and predicted production reports for our construction team to build out.

PROCUREMENT – Our procurement team combine the local planning, equipment and installation requirements for each site to produce a detailed project budget and build schedule. Liaising regularly with suppliers and contractors ensures goods & services provided are cost effective and can be delivered on time. Working closely with our engineers we actively seek out new technologies and methods that have helped us to deliver ground breaking industry innovation within our parks.

CONSTRUCTION – We ensure quality and excellence are continuously achieved by using carefully selected suppliers and contractors for our projects. All of our solar installations have a detailed schedule planning onsite labour, resources, plant and materials. Logistics play a leading role in the construction of large scale solar projects with numerous materials being delivered in a short time frame. It is essential the Project Manager is given the support to enable materials to flow smoothly and proficiently by using clearly defined and signed access routes whilst minimising disruption to the surrounding community. Our site managers ensure that health and safety legislation is fully adhered to and build quality standards are continually monitored by our technical compliance team. JAYRAJSOLAR are always focused to deliver ecological enhancements and promote bio-diversity including sheep grazing at our parks, bird and bat boxes, log piles for invertebrates and bee hives.

COMMISSIONING – We go through a lot of commissioning tests so as to ensure that every power plant that we install at our customers site is high on performance and designed to meet the exact requirement.

We have experience in the following areas of various industries.

  • Commercial retail space and large publicly and privately owned buildings
  • Government facilities and municipalities
  • Hospitals and healthcare centers
  • Schools and education institutions
  • Agricultural areas such as land and farms

Project Management

Timely Delivery - Optimum Price - Best Quality

JAYRAJ SOLAR has years of experience in customer requirement analysis and this is why we are able to deliver the right solar energy solutions based on the individual needs of our clients. Our focus is to deliver high quality and high performance centric designs and systems that are durable and at the same time cost-effective for our clients.

Our project development and management services are delivered by the best teams on board. The services include.

  • Energy Audit
  • System Design and Engineering Layout
  • Equipment Supply
  • Engineering and Technical Support
  • Obtaining statutory approvals
  • Financing Options (Private PPA’s)
  • Submission of Subsidy documents (if applicable)


Tailored finance for Clean Energy

Solar energy systems need a separate cost evaluation depending on the exact requirement in our client’s PV Solar plants. Finance may again be a concern for small and medium sized businesses. We at JAYRAJ SOLAR help by giving guidance or references with respect to financial choices for our clients to help them in the best way to improve their business performance.

Customized Financing Needs

We have partnered with well established financial entities so as to facilitate best financial choices for our clients that help them install solar energy systems for the best prices depend so as to facilitate best financial choices for our clients that help them install solar energy systems for the best prices. Our financing suite includes:

  • Private PPA’s (OPEX Model)
  • Solar Lease
  • CAPEX Purchase

Our financing solutions are flexible and based our clients’ requirements.You can contact us directly to familiarize more on JAYRAJ SOLAR’s financing solutions and how it can be of help your business switch to Solar.

CAPEX Purchase Private PPA’s
(OPEX Model)
Solar Lease
One-time cost No upfront capital cost Zero or low upfront cost
Own the system hardware Hardware owned by 3rd pary Hardware owned by 3rd pary
Progress payments during construction Payment per kWh consumed Recurring payment for hardware lease

Operating and Maintenance Management (O&M)

Ensuring optimum performance is essential, especially in the harshest of environment

We at JAYRAJ SOLAR guarantee to coordinate the monitoring on all our components – our O&M team carry out weekly, monthly and quarterly onsite checks to ensure guaranteed performance ratio & availability are maintained.

System maintenance, engineering & consulting, fault management, data & information management and administration are ultimately the key areas our O&M team will react upon instantaneously supporting the continuous generation of our sites.

The average life span of Solar PV plants is about 25 years. Towards the end the wear and tear reflects in the diminishing performance levels of most of the plants that are low on periodic maintenance. We at JAYRAJ SOLAR analyze the requirements of every client keeping in mind the maintenance aspect for Solar PV plant. We provide this service with perfection and dedication. The services comprises of:

  • Flexible ongoing support and maintenance contract options
  • Routine visual inspections
  • Contractor management
  • System performance testing and energy monitoring
  • Emergency response
  • Energy audit reports
  • Preventive maintenance programs
  • System monitoring and verification
  • Operation and maintenance guaranties
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